TeamItalia - Dot incasso - side emitting asymmetric

Dot lateral Asymmetric / 3W

Enhancing an outdoor passage area by creating a rhythmic lighting effect designed to emphasize spatial depth is the design theme addressed by "DOT": a family of pathway lights protected from external agents.

Recessed walk-over spotlight, non-drive-over, made of anodized aluminum and glass. Installation accessories and power supplies are available and can be purchased separately.

Ø5,6cm 3W Asymmetric
4042D 3W 78lm - 350mA 9V
  • Finish
  • Aluminium Aluminium
  • Hue
  • 3000K (B)3000K (B)
  • Diffuser
  • Optic 24° (24)
  • Power supply
  • not includednot included
  • Certifications
  • CE
  • IP67
  • Protection class 3
  • Light emission
  • Asymmetric Side light
9042B Outercasing
12 VAT excluded
Power Unit For S-POT - OnOff
AE006M Driver CC OnOff IP65 (x3-5 art. 4042D) (hole Ø60)
59 VAT excluded