TeamItalia - 4048C

Task plasterboard L4,5x11,5


Ceiling element with fixed light sources with concentrating lens.

Metal body powder coated.

Power supply excluded.

4048C 15W 1500lm - 500mA 36V
  • Finish
  • White White
  • Hue
  • 3000K (B)3000K (B)
  • Diffuser
  • Optic 24° (24)
  • Power supply
  • not includednot included
  • Certifications
  • CE
  • IP20
  • Protection class 3
  • Light emission
  • Accent Down
Power Unit For TASK - OnOff
AE006F Driver CC OnOff IP20 (x1 art. 4048C) (hole Ø45)
27 VAT excluded
Power Unit For TASK - DALI(Push)
AE007B Driver CC DALI (PUSH) IP20 (x1 art. 4048C) (hole Ø53)
62 VAT excluded
Power Unit For TASK - (Phasecut dimmer)
AE008F Driver CC TRIAC IP20 (x 1 art. 4048C) (hole Ø47mm)
44 VAT excluded